Girl Crush Dream Come True: Fanning/Olsen Take on Coming-of-Age

The coming-of-age narrative has been done a thousand times, in a thousand different ways through the medium of film. This means that there are quite a few (well alright, mostly is probably more accurate) shitty depictions of the very important yet entirely common teen-to-adult transition. This sadly doesn’t mean that I’ll ever tire of watching them, or that every now and then there’s a break in the flow of crappy flicks that allows for a beautiful little gem of a film to appear.

Fingers crossed ‘Very Good Girls’ is one of said gems. Mostly because I love the that its director and two leads are three awesome women (a rare sight in film), and also because the narrative doesn’t appear to be honest, down-to-earth, and important. The female coming-of-age story is one less articulated, let alone articulated well. Both Fanning and Olsen have made conscious choices as young actors towards films with intelligence and substance – let’s hope that ‘Very Good Girls’ will live up to the hype.


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